Top 10 (part II)

Here’s the other three Peace Corps Cambodia Top 10 lists, thanks to the genius of my fellow volunteers. (The first four are here.)

Top 10 Cambodian Pick Up Lines:
10. Oun soam leak turasap.
9. You makin’ my noem ansoam bust its banana wrap.
8. I can give your dad $10,000 cash
7. My horse broke into the mango patch this morning and now it’s all sticky; could you wash it for me?
6. You have a pretty nose. I want a baby. I want my baby to have a pretty nose.
5. Is that Angkor Wat in the background, or am I just so in love with you that the rich cultures of this country create an elaborate dream-scape around us when I see you?
4. I will give you a strawberry if you will be my girlfriend.
3. A new fried banana shop just open up… in my pants.
2. You do not look good in this picture- you have way too much makeup on and your hair looks bad. But you still look better than my wife. Why won’t you be my girlfriend?
1. *Grunt*

Top 10 Things you thought you would do in Peace Corps (but aren’t):
10. Live in a grass hut
9. Get a tapeworm or other worm
8. Dance to tribal music barefoot and shirtless
7. Eat food with spices…or anything
6. Get attacked by lions
5. The person next to you
4. Hunt for dinner
3. Learn to live with bugs and rodents amicably
2. Learn a useful language
1. Make a difference

Top 10 Awesome things about PC Cambodia

10. Everyone assumes you are a doctor, no certificates needed.
9. Petting baby crocodiles
8. It’s not PC Africa
7. Children screaming and crying because they are scared of your nose
6. People are reasonably close enough to visit (unless you’re Lindsay Benacka)
5. Coffee Tic Tac Toes
4. 50 cent beer in Siem Reap
3. No need for heaters!
2. Talking to Joanne about the diarrhea you had last night
1. Mango season….and PCVs

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2 Responses to Top 10 (part II)

  1. Thanks for posting the TOP 10 lists Kaitlin! I was trying to remember some of them. Now, I don’t have to 🙂 See you around.

  2. mike benacka says:


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