what time is it???

I think right now it’s Thursday at 10pm here in Phnom Penh. My body and my computer are telling me otherwise. At any rate, we made it! In the past couple days…

– flew to San Francisco and met 54 other new Peace Corps Cambodia folks
– made a last run to Walgreens and slept a few hours in a hotel
– flew 14 hours to Hong Kong
– took the train into Kowloon for three hours to see the view of the city and check out the night market
– got asked for my fist “picture with a white person” photo of this trip
– slept for a few hours in a hotel
– flew 2 hours to Phnom Penh
– cleared customs and was greeted by a horde of Peace Corps people with signs and cheering
– had my first Khmer meal
– had a welcome session and an intro to the diseases that will threaten to smite us over the next two years
– got a bunch of shots (sadly not camera shots but the kind with a needle)
– walked around Phnom Penh and learned some crucial information (e.g. the Khmer names of mangosteen and rambutan, which I will be buying frequently)
– got more Khmer food with a group of more than 50 new, old, and current Peace Corps Cambodia Volunteers

Jet lag has been remarkably manageable…until around 4pm Phnom Penh time today. I powered through, but I have now reached my goal staying-up time. Goodnight!

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