And we’re off!

Hello blog readers. Thanks for your interest in my trip to Cambodia. I’ve been keeping the identity of my blog something of a secret for a while. Now it’s just about time to start my Peace Corps adventure, so I thought it would be more interesting from here.

To recap, I’m getting on a plane in about nine hours. First, I’ll be in San Francisco for a short day what Peace Corps calls Staging. We (the 55 Peace Corps Cambodia Volunteers) will be on another flight – this one more than 12 hours – the next day. We’ll spend a short night in Hong Kong before heading to Cambodia bright and early the morning after. (Well, morning Hong Kong time, which will be evening where I am now.) In Cambodia, we’ll spend one night in the capital, Phnom Penh, and four nights in a guest house in Kampong Cham, a provincial capital a few hours outside of the capital. After that first week or so, I’ll be living in a village close to Kampong Cham with a host family and having two months of training. Sometime in there, I’ll find out where I will be placed – i.e. where I will be living and working for the next two years.

I will have little access to internet during training these first two months and will apparently be pretty busy, so bear with me while things get started. Stay tuned!

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